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by Galia Gichon on January 10, 2008 keeps showing up on my radar screen! I recently met Katie McCaskey through Ladies Who Launch. Katie has her own Writing and Design Services company, Bee Cre8tive LLC She writes for the blog and interviewed me for their latest ariticle. I love the questions and feel they apply to most of our personal finance situations. Plus, she was able to show how my new “My Money Matters” kit can helpyou with your real life personal finances. We also talk about women being different than men, our money attitude and common mistakes we all make. Read the full ariticle here:

What is GEEZEO? Geezeo helps people make “Educational Financial Decisions.” Geezeo is a free web-based personal finance application that makes it easy to track all your finances, see where all your money is going, set financial goals and learn from others.

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