8 Ways to Involve Your Spouse/Partner and Money

by Galia Gichon on May 7, 2009

An attendee from SIMPLY MONEY brought this article to my attention. Sometimes when I’m working with a couple, I feel that I need to become a marriage therapist. So many of the issues are not about money.

However, there are some great things you can do to prevent the fights and actually see great money results!

This article on Investopedia is very extensive and chances are one of them will resonate with you. My favorite is:

“Have your partner watch you handle the finances.”

Explaining things is helpful, and written instructions/checklists/spreadsheets are even better, but nothing beats sitting down with your partner and talking through actually managing the finances. Let your partner observe the process while you explain it, and then have him or her practice it with your help and guidance.

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