Is Dealing with Money Sexy?

by Galia Gichon on March 9, 2011

Article text by Ilise Benun

It wasn’t sexy, but it was kind of fun.

I’m talking about last night’s in-person and extremely hands-on workshop at the Freelancers Union, The Cure to “Feast or Famine” Freelancing, with Ilise Benun and I.

The event was not videotaped or recorded in any way. You had to be there to see it — and to do the work. But everyone left knowing “their numbers” and with a marketing plan in hand — or at least some guidelines to work with.

For those who couldn’t make it to Brooklyn, here are some of the resources we shared:

Lots more resources here.

And at this year’s Creative Freelancer Conference, they’ll have a beginner and advanced session on dealing with money. Details here and early bird deadline is April 1.

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