About Down To Earth Finance


Hi! I’m Galia Gichon, Founder of Down-to-Earth Finance. I’ll get straight to the point – I’m passionate about helping people take control of their personal finances without selling investments or manage money. Click here for my official BIO

If you’ve been dying to really master your personal finances so it is easy, seamless and fun, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m a pro when it comes to explaining personal finance, and I’ve got the experience, expertise and compassion to make sure you achieve practical and successful money goals.

You’re in the right place if you:

  • are ready to finally control your money – instead of other way around
  • are ready to take care of yourself financially and your family
  • are ready to learn about investing (it’s easy and fun I promise!)
  • are ready to work with personal finance experts who will hold you accountable, create practical action plans and support you through your money process.
  • are ready to conquer your financial fears
  • want to save TIME managing your finances
  • FIND more money in your spending, income and investments
  • provide an admirable future for your family

How can we help you?

Individual Sessions. Schedule a fifteen-minute appointment so we can learn more about your finance and how we can help you. Once we decide to work together, our customized sessions (in person, over the phone or Skype) will cover

  • customized spending plans
  • cashflow solutions
  • understanding of mutual funds
  • picking ideal retirement plans, planning your retirement
  • home finance
  • children’s college education
  • wills
  • insurance

Group Classes. These classes offer group support, more learning and thorough assignments. They are regularly scheduled. See EVENT LISTING HERE.

Invite us to speak at your organization. We have spoken at corporations and organizations all over the United States including.

  • Freelancer’s Union
  • Barnard College – Financial Fluency
  • Athena Center for Leadership
  • Massachusetts, Texas and Pennsylvania Conference for Women
  • Step Up Women’s Network
  • In Good Company
  • Creative Freelancer Conference

Give us a call or fill out our contact form to discuss speaking programs and rates for your organization.

Who Are We?

Galia Gichon BIO 

Galia Gichon is an independent personal financial expert with more than 18 years of experience in financial services, including nearly 10 years on Wall Street and an MBA in Finance from Fordham University. She runs her own company, Down to Earth Finance, where she offers individual sessions and seminars to address personal financial needs and concerns. Galia is the author of, “My Money Matters”, a boxed set of financial cards with money affirmations, instant money tips and workbooks. She has spoken at Pennsylvania, Texas and Massachusetts Governor’s Conference for Women, and is a frequent speaker at Freelancers Union, Barnard College’s Financial Fluency Program, and Athena Center for Leadership. She has been quoted in Newsweek, CNN, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal.com, NY1, Good Housekeeping, Self, Essence, Glamour and MSN Money and much more. Before starting her own company, Galia worked at Bear Stearns, Nomura Securities, and Institutional Investor. For more information on booking Galia for speaking events, please click here.


Randye Kaplan BIO

Randye Kaplan consults with clients of Down to Earth Finance in the context of one-on-one sessions to address spending and saving habits, investing techniques and strategizing for retirement.  Randye’s previous positions include a Chief Financial Officer role with an innovative consumer products company as well as advisory work in the field of mergers and acquisitions. She began her career as a Certified Public Accountant with a major international firm.

B.S., State University of New York at Albany

M.B.A., University of Chicago

C.P.A., New York State