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Galia Gichon is an independent personal financial expert with more than 14 years of experience in financial services, including nearly 10 years on Wall Street and an MBA in Finance from Fordham University.

Galia is the author of “My Money Matters”, a boxed set of affirmations, tips and workbooks featured in Newsweek and TODAY show.

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  • Independent Financial Education.
  • Spend Smarter.
  • Simplify Your Financial Life.
  • Learn About Mutual Funds.
  • Rollover That 401k.
  • Learn About Your Credit!
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Confident. Money. Women Seminar

What Every Successful Woman Ought to Know About Mutual Funds Investing, Spending Smarter & Taking Control of Her Financial FutureJanuary 14th, 2013 6pm-9pm EST
New York City
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