Simply Money for Entrepreneurs with Galia Gichon

Date: 24 Mar 2010 - 14 Apr 2010


4 week teleclass course geared toward the entrepreneur who needs help getting her arms around her budget and will focus on spending smarter, saving savvier, planning for retirement and finding more money for the important things in her life.


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TIME: 10am-12pm

DATES: March 24, 31, April 7 and 14

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Do you know where your money is going? Are you anxious about uneven income? Budgets, cash flow and saving for retirement tend to be the obstacles for many people’s personal finances – especially freelancers.  Because they are so time consuming, you may not be growing your business as much as you would like.  This 4-week seminar will focus on helping you keep these areas in your personal finances under rein so you can focus instead on making more money!  By knowing what to do with the money you have and finding more money by establishing sound financial habits, you will feel confident about your variable income and equipped to tackle it head on!

Simply Money is a way to stay focused and in control while learning about healthy money habits and building relationships. So many of us never talk about money, but in this crucial time it’s important to understand the issues, talk about your fears and come up with a plan to emerge on top. At Simply Money, we’ll talk about everything from how to make your money go further and ways to plug your budget, to finding mutual funds and determining asset allocation. And you don’t have to reveal any personal information or buy any products. We’re completely independent. Our goal is to quash the myth that talking about money is taboo. It’s liberating. It’s educational. It’s running/yoga/pilates for your bank account.

This seminar is geared toward the entrepreneur who needs help getting her arms around her budget and will focus on spending smarter, saving savvier, planning for retirement and finding more money for the important things in her life.

You will learn – all specialized for entrepreneurs:

  • Get organized. See where you are today and where you want to be
  • Clean up your credit and debt
  • Create a weekly spending plan, set concrete goals with dollar amounts and timelines
  • Develop a plan for automatic savings
  • Comprehensive discussion on mutual funds – specifically for retirement
  • Finding out exactly how much you should be saving for retirement and other goals
  • Tips for a successful retirement – and why you need to start planning for it now
  • Do practical exercises to achieve financial freedom
  • Easy-to-implement methods to improve financial habits
  • Steps for setting up weekly habits for your personal finances

Each class includes:

  • Set a goal. Then each week you’ll have the opportunity to check in with the group on your progress. By sharing your individual goals and status reports, the group creates a dynamic momentum that’s not only contagious but also inspiring.
  • Learn. Each meeting includes a specific lesson on managing your money like spending smarter, credit reports, mutual funds, retirement plans, financial advisers, and improving your money habits.
  • Exercise. Each week, we’ll also work your mind with an engaging exercise designed to educate you about money and finance. Who knew taking control of your money could be so much fun?
  • Worksheets and current personal finance articles.
  • Community. You are not alone in taking charge of your money.
TESTIMONIALS“This is the information you wished your parents taught you when you were 18. A must for anyone who has ever stumbled in the market and needs to get their mojo back. Galia gives you money confidence and peace of mind.” Tara Seawright, Interior Designer,

“Galia and her team provide not only their expertise but also, and perhaps more importantly, the necessary tools with which to reach your financial goals. This is a transformative financial fitness workshop that every woman, especially entrepreneurs, should take.” Catherine Brophy,

“I wanted to tell you how unbelievable the class has been. You are right, just knowing what you have makes a huge difference!!!!! Thanks again.” Caroline Cooper

“Galia has a unique way of making valuable information accessible and creating an encouraging environment. The financial foundation she provides offers peace of mind. I am grateful for this experience and highly recommend it!” Susan Ross, Visual Artist,

“Galia provides the perfect mix of information and empowerment. Simply Money is right for any woman who wants to handle her personal or business finances calmly and competently.” Jezra Kaye, Speaker Coach, Communicate with Power and Ease,

“Thanks again for a great course. I learned a ton and plan on getting to it….slowly but surely.” Heidi Udvardy,