Galia Gichon –– LIVE

Speaker + Founder of Down to Earth Finance

Confident. Empowered. In Control.

If you want to feel confident, empowered and in control of your financial destiny, spend an hour (or more) with Galia Gichon.

After independently advising hundreds of women as an independent financial planner –– over half of them entrepreneurs –– Galia realized something:  Women worry significantly more about retirement than men. Only 46 percent of women set aside money for stocks or IRAs, according to a 2011 study by Ameriprise Financial.

The reason? No one taught them how!

Galia provides compassionate, no-holds-barred advice that…


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Her Philosophy

  • Women who do NOT take control of their financial destinies can NEVER truly be free.
  • It IS possible to start investing + generating a healthy nest egg at any stage of your business.
  • Women need financial advice they can trust (outside of their investment firms).
  • Bold, visionary, entrepreneurial women are the future.

The Real Deal


  • Is the author of My Money Matters –– a boxed set of financial cards with workbooks, money affirmations & instant money tips
  • Has rocked the mic for the Athena Center for Leadership; Freelancers Union; Step Up Women; Texas, Massachusetts + Pennsylvania Governor’s Conference for Women and more.
  • Was a securities research analyst + institutional investor at Bear Stearns + Nomura Securities for 10 years.
  • Earned an MBA in Finance from Fordham University + a BS in Finance from the University of Florida.
  • Lives in NYC with her husband + two daughters.

Engaging + Educational. Guaranteed

1-Hour :: You want proven financial acumen, fresh insights and original anecdotes that do more than just entertain? Done. Your audience will leave the building armed with simple + instantly applicable steps for creating financial abundance + freedom.

Choose Your Focus

  • 7 Steps to Financial Freedom
  • I’m Self-Employed –– Now What?
  • Mutual Funds Made Easy
  • Invest Like A Pro
  • The “Bag Lady” Myth
  • Crucial Money Mindsets

1-Afternoon :: This hands-on seminar is part lecture, part intimate workshop. Your audience will enjoy a thorough knowledge exchange on all things money, particularly the key to setting oneself up for financial freedom in today’s economy.

You can’t control the stock market, but you can control YOUR money. Learn how to recession-proof your earnings and say goodbye to stress, overwhelm and financial fatigue. Galia will cover (with no sales pitch):

  • Her 5-Step Method for creating a money conversation that will change your life.
  • The 5 Things Every Woman MUST know about saving for retirement.
  • How to change your current money situation in just 30-min/week.
  • The right way to multiply your money with mutual funds.
  • The ONLY things you need to know about IRAs + 401Ks.

Rave Reviews

“Galia provides the perfect mix of information and empowerment. Simply Money is right for any woman who wants to handle her personal or business finances calmly and competently.” — Jezra Kaye, Speaker Coach, Communicate with Power and Ease, http://www.jezrakaye.com

“Galia has a unique way of making valuable information accessible and creating an encouraging environment. The financial foundation she provides offers peace of mind. I am grateful for this experience and highly recommend it!” — Susan Ross, Visual Artist, http://www.susanrossstudio.com

“As a owner of a business Galia’s work has helped me throughout the years. I now can think about retirement and owning a home in the future in a way I did not think was possible. Her ability to continually look at your changing needs and modify is more than an investment!” — Gwynne Marshall, Alexander Technique Instructor and Gourmet Chef, http://gwynnemarshall.com

“This is the information you wished your parents taught you when you were 18. A must for anyone who has ever stumbled in the market and needs to get their mojo back. Galia gives you money confidence and peace of mind.” — Tara Seawright, Interior Designer, http://www.taraseawright.com –

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