Learn easy-to-implement organizing tips for finding more money in your life from two experts.

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“I loved the teleclass – especially the tip about storing pin numbers. The overlap of information and resources is extremely useful.” -Denise S.

Ready to finally say “Good-bye” to your piles of bank statements, brokerage reports, utility bills, credit card statements and receipts? Then this teleclass is for you.

In just one and a half hours, you will learn:

  • Which financial papers to keep or toss.
  • How to organize your papers for an easy tax season.
  • How to find more money in your bills.
  • How to physically set up an easy-to-use system.
  • How to take your finances electronic.
  • Which papers to save for a mortgage, refinancing and selling your home.
  • How to get the most from online budgeting tools.
  • Which cell phone apps are best for organizing your finances and saving you money.

    Join Galia Gichon, founder of Down-to-Earth Finance, and Erica Ecker, founder of The Spacialist, NYC’s premier Professional Organizing company to learn easy-to-use techniques for organizing your finances.

    This teleclass was originally recorded live on May 19, 2010.