Working with Galia and Down To Earth Finances has been an incredible blessing. Together, we assessed my financial goals and assets and determined a plan to maximize returns while minimizing costs. Galia learned about me and took the time to really understand my background and goals. She then showed me which accounts to open and how much to allocate across asset classes. She helped me create a retirement savings plan which I previously had done nothing for, and as someone in my mid-twenties I can easily say this will pay off when I’m ready to retire. I have already seen increases in my portfolio across the board and am building credit, which was something Galia helped me do. Galia is smart, practical, and also very solutions-oriented–I leave each appointment with a solid action plan that meets my goals. I look forward to continuing our advisor relationship for many years to come and recommend her without hesitation. — Sarah, 26

I was always a good saver, but I was not good at managing my investments. Fortunately, I discovered Galia in 2010 after reading an article about her work with a client. After meeting with Galia, she established a plan for me to streamline my numerous accounts and re-allocate my investments to be more aligned with my financial goals. What a wonderful sense of empowerment once I implemented her recommendations! I continue to meet with Galia once or twice a year for a “financial check-up”. She is very knowledgeable yet provides practical and unbiased advice which I can actually understand. — Maeve, New York City

Strong basic places to start changing my money situation – I could relay them to my husband easily. Your no pressure attitude was very inviting to face a subject that can be scary and has negative feelings associated with it. So I think it is right on for someone like me who wants to change my money situation. The handout is very helpful with the website references for spreadsheets. The call is a perfect outline of how to jump into the Money Game and be a productive player. The basics of how to move in a positive direction from where you currently stand and the beginning concepts of how to advance to the next round. — Stephanie Lord-Johnson, LEED AP, BERGLUND Architects, LLC,, http://www.berglundarchitects.com/

Galia Gichon’s course 3 Ways To Whip Your Finances Into Shape is a great place to start learning about managing your personal finances. She teaches you quick, easy steps to better understand your finances in a way that is encouraging and easy to understand. — Catherine Alford, http://budgetblonde.com/

As a owner of a business Galia’s work has helped me throughout the years. I now can think about retirement and owning a home in the future in a way I did not think was possible. Her ability to continually look at your changing needs and modify is more than an investment! — Gwynne Marshall, Alexander Technique Instructor and Gourmet Chef, http://gwynnemarshall.com/

Great job on the presentation Galia! I loved how this workshop emphasized the importance of knowing their current financial situation, future financial goals and the importance of setting dollar amount goals for saving. — Dana C.

When I wanted to invest my retirement funds and experience peace of mind, I knew exactly who to call: Galia Gichon! I used to find even thinking about my retirement investments totally overwhelming but now that Galia has infused her magic touch, I actually look forward to our biannual meetings and am also inspired by her to save as much as possible while still having fun. She took a task that seemed insurmountable and broke it down into easy to implement steps. Now I not only understand my long term investment goals but I can also read my monthly statement! Imagine that! Don’t delay, call Galia Today! — Erica Ecker, Professional Organizer, http://www.thespacialist.com/

I’ve been working with Galia for many years. When I first came to her I was in deep debt.
She was straight with me, gave me the hard facts, never unkind, and helped me through that horrible period and now I am debt free. She advises, takes no percentages on any investments she suggests and always has my good interest in the forefront. I highly recommend her.
— Sherri Rosen, http://www.sherrirosen.com/

Thanks again for a great course. I learned a ton and plan on getting to it….slowly but surely. — Heidi Udvardy, http://www.udvardydesign.com

Galia provides the perfect mix of information and empowerment. Simply Money is right for any woman who wants to handle her personal or business finances calmly and competently. — Kaye, Speaker Coach, Communicate with Power and Ease, http://www.jezrakaye.com

Galia has a unique way of making valuable information accessible and creating an encouraging environment. The financial foundation she provides offers peace of mind. I am grateful for this experience and highly recommend it! — Susan Ross, Visual Artist, http://www.susanrossstudio.com

I wanted to tell you how unbelievable the class has been. You are right, just knowing what you have makes a huge difference!!!!! Thanks again. — Caroline Cooper

Galia and her team provide not only their expertise but also, and perhaps more importantly, the necessary tools with which to reach your financial goals. This is a transformative financial fitness workshop that every woman, especially entrepreneurs, should take. — Catherine Brophy, http://www.thefengshuidetective.com

This is the information you wished your parents taught you when you were 18. A must for anyone who has ever stumbled in the market and needs to get their mojo back. Galia gives you money confidence and peace of mind. — Tara Seawright, Interior Designer, http://www.taraseawright.com

I was the stereotypical stay at home Mom with 2 small children, a house in the suburbs and a husband who provided for us as we lived the America dream. Then my American dream ended suddenly. With 2 small children, many financial obligations and little understanding of handling money beyond paying bills. A friend told me that Galia could teach me. That was in 2004. Since then, Galia has not only taught me, I brought my Mom and my Daughter to her also. Through her education, she has saved all 3 of us from what could have been very costly mistakes had we blindly trusted others.
All 3 generations continue to work with Galia to manage and build our own financial futures and she empowers us at every step along our path.
We highly recommend Galia and Down-to-Earth Finance to anyone who wants to get into the driver’s seat of their own financial affairs and start building their future.
— DS, Princeton NJ

I’ve only taken two short workshops with Galia, but already she’s empowered me to take control of my finances. Before, I lived in a worried fog of increasing credit card debt and ignorance about how to plan for retirement. Now, I have a plan to erase my credit card and student loan debt and I actually understand how to manage my retirement accounts. From what I learned in the first session, I was able to look at the retirement elections I had previously made blindly and choose better ones. I also made a proper budget that works for me and also allows me to travel while paying down my debt. Lastly, I am being supported in my goals by a “money buddy” who I met in the first workshop. Doing all this is not easy, but having the right tools to do it gives me the confidence that I can manage this challenge. I owe a big thanks to Galia! — Laura

Thanks for all of your advice last night, I really enjoyed the workshop and I am finally starting to understand Mutual Funds a bit more which had been a bit of a mystery to me. Thanks for your help. — Tara

I also now feel like I have a series of simple things I can do to make myself increasingly more fiscally fit. — Davide Dickson

There is something for everyone in this workshop, from debt and investments to budgeting and retirement. Very motivational! — Susan Silberman

Helped me to start thinking about my financial goals again, rather than feeling overwhelmed and just ignoring it all. — Meghan Marty

I think the most important thing I learned yesterday was about spending smarter (budgeting). Your seminar helped me realize that I can have control of my finances and my future. — Nilda Nales

Galia’s workshop is for any woman—from the hard-charging corporate executive, the self-employed freelancer, to the stay-at-home mom—who understands that her financial future is well within her competencies but just needs a little education to enlighten her of her opportunities. — Amelia Blanquera

Because of Down-to-Earth Finance, I got on the road to buy my current apartment, to take all deductions I possibly could, and to be more responsible with my own finances. — Beth Greenwald