Why Work With Down-To-Earth-Finance?

  • Independent Financial Education. Galia Gichon, an Independent Financial Expert (no sales pitch!) will be teaching the seminar. No sales pitch to sell investment products or manage your money.
  • Spend Smarter. Learn many practical tips and ideas to buy the things you love and still save money. Leave our seminars with a realistic budget that you can live with.
  • Simplify Your Financial Life. Get tips and ideas for financial habits that will make your life much easier. Plus learn what other women are doing to move forward with their financial fitness.
  • Learn About Mutual Funds. In a very thorough but easy to understand manner, you will learn everything you need to know about mutual funds. How to pick them, which ones are right for your IRAs and 401(k) and truly understand the ones you have. Get your hand-held on picking new ones. It sounds simple because it is!
  • Rollover That 401k. This is one of the top questions at my seminars. We will figure out your best option for dealing with that old lingering 401k.
  • Learn About Your Credit! We will go over the important parts of your credit report and how to clean it up.
  • Deal with your Debt. We give you a kick-in-the pants plan to deal with your credit card debt head-on!
  • Leave With an Action Plan. Isn’t this enough? Guaranteed—you will leave with an action plan that meets your specific needs or your money back.
  • Feel more confident About Your Finances. One of the biggest advantages of attending this seminar is being in a room full of other women. You feel that you are not alone in your financial journey and that you get the confidence in moving forward. I hear this over and over from attendees.

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