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Become a Down to Earth Finance Education Specialist

* Are you a financial professional looking for your next career? *

* Are you someone who has a solid handle with your own personal finances and wants to help others in this area? *

* Are you a coach or therapist who is looking for additional tools to offer your clients? *


Confident. Empowered. In Control.


Help YOUR clients become this way with their personal finances.  

We will show you how!


My philosophy and why INDEPENDENT Personal Finance is SO Important:

  • Women who do NOT take control of their financial destinies can NEVER truly be free.
  • Bold, visionary, entrepreneurial women are the future.
  • It IS possible to start investing + generating a healthy nest egg at any stage.
  • Women need financial advice they can trust (outside of their investment firms).


Down-to-Earth Finance has been providing compassionate, no-holds-barred advice for over 10 years and has worked with thousands of people.  We don’t sell any investments nor manage money.   We offer independent unbiased financial planning, coaching and education. We are looking to expand and build our network of Down to Earth Finance Education Specialists.


Call us now at 203.349.5623 or send us an email at galia @ downtoearthfinance. com 



* Help people with all areas of their personal finances without selling any investments or managing any money.  

* Feel the satisfaction of helping people achieve their financial goals from many different stages.

* Specialize in working with Entrepreneurs, business owners, couples with young children, soon to be empty nesters, new retirees, professionals just starting out 


Our Training Program Will Teach the Following:

  • We will provide worksheets, websites, action plans and support for you to work with clients on an individual basis.
  • Talking to prospective clients
  • Information to get them started
  • Creating short term goals
  • Many different ways to budget
  • Saving and spending smarter plans
  • Personal Cashflow analysis
  • Analyzing Credit reports
  • Resources for management
  • Asset allocation
  • Mutual fund checklist- where to buy and when to sell
  • Index and No-load mutual funds
  • Picking funds for your 401k 403b
  • Rolling over old 401ks or 403bs
  • Consolidating multiple IRAs
  • IRAs for Self-employed and freelancers when changing jobs, careers or self employed
  • How much to save for Retirement
  • Determining if you need Life Insurance – the difference between whole life and term life insurance
  • Long term care insurance
  • Wills
  • Home finance
  • College education 529 accounts
  • Websites
  • Books to read

 We will also provide presentations that you can use for seminars to educate or to build your practice.


Training includes:

  • 8 hours intensive individual training on all topics and methods to become a Down-to-Earth Finance Education Specialist.
  • Materials to work with clients, notes, resources, presentations and handouts for giving seminars
  • Listing on our website and referrals for three months. 
Ongoing support includes:
  • Listing on website
  • Referrals
  • Monthly group call to ask questions about working with clients
  • Up to 5 emails per month for support questions
  • Part of our social media campaign of 10,000 + followers (including direct email, twitter, facebook and linked in)
Call us now at 203.349.5623 or send us an email at galia @ downtoearthfinance. com