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Individual Sessions

Schedule a fifteen-minute appointment so we can learn more about your finance and how we can help you. We are completely independent financial planners and coaches.  We do not sell any investments or manage any money.

Our rates are hourly and packages vary based on how we work together and who you work with.  We meet in NYC, CT and Westchester.  We are also available via phone or skype. The next step is to setup a time to talk for about 15 minutes.  Contact us to setup a 15 minute appointment. 

Once we decide to work together, our customized sessions (in person in NYC or CT, over the phone or Skype) will cover:

  • Customized spending plans – more than just a “budget”
  • Personal cashflow solutions
  • Savings plans
  • Understanding and picking mutual funds
  • Picking ideal retirement plans, planning your retirement
  • Home finance
  • Children’s college education
  • Wills
  • Insurance



Invite us to speak at your organization. We have spoken at corporations and organizations all over the United States including.

  • Freelancer’s Union
  • Barnard College – Financial Fluency
  • Athena Center for Leadership
  • Massachusetts, Texas and Pennsylvania Conference for Women
  • Step Up Women’s Network
  • In Good Company
  • Creative Freelancer Conference
  • Corporate seminars

To see Galia Gichon’s speaking reel:

Give us a call or fill out our contact form to discuss speaking programs and rates for your organization.


My Money Matters Kit

My Money Matters Kit

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